2 comments on “Orkney

  1. Some nice shots there. I like the upside down tern and the oystercatcher on the bridge. Yesnaby Castle looks very impressive. I thought it was the Old Man of Hoy at first, till I saw the hole! Did you get over to Hoy? it’s much wilder than much of Orkney is. And I read there are now white-tailed eagles there…….

    The swallow on the barbed wire fence is nice although I have mixed feelings about barbed wire fences as perches. I’m sure you know what I mean!



    • Hi jerry, cheers for your comment.

      I know what you mean about the wire, more natural material would be better.

      As far as the other Islands are concerned we only visited Westray when we went over on the ferry as foot passengers. We talked about Hoy but in the end we decided to leave that one till our next visit. I joined a bird group while I was up there and saw a comment that the failed nesting pair of WTE on Hoy wasn’t that unusual for young inexperienced birds so shouldn’t be reason to get too disheartened and that they should benefit from the experience next time. It was also noted that both male and female weren’t ringed which made it likely that the birds were Norwegian rather than Scottish, either way its a great story or great success. I think the pair on Hoy make it Scotland’s 100th breeding pair.



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