2 comments on “Outer Hebrides adventure, no Golden Eagles or Otters…..but Robson Green?!

  1. Glad to hear you enjoyed your trip to the Outer Hebs. I’ve been there a number of times but never into northern Harris or Lewis, so I’ve missed some of the places you visited. I have always felt that the islands are very special. I particulaly felt that on Berneray, which is joined to N. Uist by a causeway now and I felt, had lost some of its “specialness” for that reason. On my last visit in late May/June a few years ago, there was not a sight nor sound of a corncrake, which was strange; but I did see a few golden eagles.

    Hopefully you will have come back with some more ideas for your art-works.

    Best wishes,



    • Hi Jeremy,
      Yes it was a dissapointment not to see any Eagles as everyone I have spoken who has visited says they have seen them.

      But we still enjoyed the holiday, and yes I have some ideas for new artwork which I will be working on soon.

      Regards Catherine


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